barath nandhidha

Stars: Bharath, Imman Annachi, Manobala, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Renuka, Thambi Ramaiah
Direction, Screenplay, Story: LG Ravichandar
Music: Simon
Lyrics: Gana Bala, Yugabarathi
Background score: Simon
Production: Pushpa Kandasamy, S Mohan

Aindham Thalaimurai Siddha Vaidhiya Sigamani (ATSVS) – that is truly a sizable chunk! This intense tongue twister of a title is unique for Bharath as it denote the 25th film of the on-screen character. Helmed by Ravichandran, the film expects to be a simple run fortunate drama offering with gentle seriousness on and off.

ATSVS endeavors to tell the imperativeness of training and in a few ways the part of folks in molding the eventual fate of youngsters. That said, the film does not go on an overdrive mode in a long winded session which works well for it.

Bharath is the fifth era child of a family which has been honing Siddha solution for quite a while. He drops out of school for an exceptionally feeble reason yet proceeds with the family convention of Siddha treatment of patients. To fill the hole of his ignorance, he needs to look for a life accomplice who is taught. What happens when he gets a spouse of his decision structures whatever remains of ATSVS.

Executive Ravichandran has picked the way of amusingness to portray his story however the giggles are not generally overall custom-made, off and on again bordering on unremarkableness and exceptionally fundamental composition. Gathering of people who is utilized to clever silliness may discover weakness in specific groupings in the film.


Bharath is to a great degree true, does his part with most extreme commitment, moves well not surprisingly, battles with power, sentiments the champion with all his adoration furthermore demonstrates the ‘right cheek’ to individuals who have beaten him on the left cheek. In short, he is the “ideal” legend which Tamil silver screen has sustained since time immemorial with truly no shades of light black or dark at all. Actually when his companions push him to a business sex specialist, he keeps up his ideal stature furthermore gives his other companion more cash in spite of realizing that his amigo had swindled him big time.

Nanditha is sufficient and to some degree has a part of OK extent. We all know Thambi Ramaiah knows his business excessively well however in ATSVS, he runs a little over the edge with his vocal harmonies.

The rundown of the supporting cast is long much the same as the title of the film. Kaadhal Dandapani, Renuka, Mano Bala, Singam Puli, Chaams, Karunakaran, Badava Gopi, Imman Annachi, Bose Venkat and M S Bhaskar have done their parts with no genuine grievances. For individuals who sit up seeing the name of Karunakaran on the title card, it is a dissatisfaction as the skilled performing artist does not have much to do.

While we can unwind and delight in the silliness in scenes like the unified with “Arasu” land and the tomato soup, we can’t say the same with the one including the abundantly inebriated Chaams with his wife and Thambi Ramaiah. Same goes when Chaams gets beaten by Thambi.

The film goes on a standard layout of tune, activity, silliness, sentiment and assumption in changing extent. As its aspirations are unobtrusive, one can’t check it with a progressed magnifier. In short ATSVS attains reasonably what it embarks to. In the event that you are the sort who would not consider film important, ATSVS may engage you in a few way!

Thandavam Music – Soon

The music album of vikram’s Thandavam is ready for hit the stores soon. It will contain the one more English track on this album, which was tuned by G.V Prakash Kumar. His confirmed this song is very special English track in Thandavam called “will u be there”; it was sung by Alyssa and Maira. The buzz is the film Thandavam is different from other action flims in Kollywood. Stars Vikram, Jayapathi babu, Anushka, Amy Jackshon and Lakshmi Rai in vital role on this movie. The film was directed by Vijay and the banner of the film is UTV Motion Picture.

Vikram’s I – First Look

vikram in i stills first lookFinally, the film ‘I’ make public the first look on kollywood. Shankar – Vikram’s I was revealed on Sunday, july 15 in Chennai. The first look release was come first on its pooja function. The banner of the film is Aascar Films, directed by Shankar.

Vikram and Amy Jackson play a lead role on this movie. The music will composed by Oscar winner Ar Rahman. In this film Amy Jackson play as an International model.

The posters make out Vikram showing off his six packs, and carrying Amy on his arm and footing against the violence windblown. The First appear is surprising with the custom of only black, grey, red shades that brings about a bold look exclusive of even screening the faces of the lead actors.

vikram in i movie stills

THALA Ajith’s Billa 2 Movie Review

billa 2 stillsMovie Review: Billa 2

Movie Rating: 68/100

Stars: Karthi Ajith Kumar, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidyut Jamwal, Sudhanshu Pandey

Music: Yuvan Sankar Raja

Director: Chakri Toleti

Banner: IN Entertainment

Billa 2 is the past story of real Billa. Every man has a past and a real don has a History in his life. So the story of the film is nothing but the history of old Billa. The film was only made for a don, an ultimate star, “THALA” Ajith. The film has unlimited action, this is the right way to describe the Billa. An action flick doesn’t need much sense. Maybe that is the exact reason why director Chakri Toleti and Ajith have opted for all guns glowing in this two hours and nine minutes brush, shortest in Tamil cinema principles.

Billa 2 stillsThe cast comprise Parvati Omankuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidyuth Jamwal and Sudhanshu Pandey (all alien faces for Tamil masses). But the glamour package is more over for youths. The only negative is, there is no comedy role on this movie. The film is only targeted for THALA’S fans in Tamil industries. Music is composed by Yuvan and it is amazing score on both background music and songs. Cinematography and Editing is also wonderful experience on this movie. Overall rating of this film is full of thriller for Tamil audience and his fans. Our team gives rate to this film was 68%.

Naan Ee – Movie Review

naan eeMovie Review: Naan Ee

Movie Rating: 72/100

Stars: Nani, Samantha, Sudeep

Music: Maragatha Mani

Director: S S Rajamouli

Banner: PVP Cinemas

Naan Ee is one of the best entertainment films in tamil industry. Stars of this film are Nani, Samantha and Sudeep. This romantic-fantasy was in the creation for very long, mainly because of the computer graphics. The movie comes with a great mix of fantasy, adventure, humor and romance. The story line is very simple, but the screen play is very beautiful. It is just a revenge story, the murdered hero reincarnates as a house fly and takes reprisal on his killer. But the film provides you a entirely different experience. The film was directed by SS Rajamouli, he has delivered his best on this movie. The film’s dialogues were written by Crazy Mohan has penned some of his brand spoke reminders. He has kept his simplicity all over the script, so the picture doesn’t have any unnecessary punches from the hero or the villain.

Nani’s roll is very less, but he does his best on this. The romantic sequences among Samantha and Nani are beautiful and appear simple and experience fine. Samantha too has done a great role on this movie. But Kiccha Sudeep has a clear winner on this flick. Style and attitude of his only required for the entire role. The sequences between the fly and Sudeep are very funny and interesting to get the core on first half. Generally hero and heroine only carry out the all type of emotions. But differently in Naan Ee, the villain had to describe the various types of emotions, and Sudeep has gripped it with brilliance. Santhanam appears guest role and makes an impression for audience.

The CG and visual effects section has provide such a wonderful job. They have prepared a fly to emote, dance and show signals and that too with particular concentration on the facts. One more boost up for the film is its music. Songs are extremely fine, and with the visuals also more smart. Background music get more score compare than songs. KK Senthil Kumar is cinematography on this film is an extra wonder. Everything was perfect and visually pulchritudinous. On the entire result, the film Naan Ee is an admiration exciting magical passage and a good family entertainer.

Saguni – Review

Movie Review : Saguni
Movie Rating : 50/100
Stars : Karthi as Kamala Kannan, Pranitha as SriDevi, Santhanam as Rajini Appadurai, Anushka as Anushka (spl appearance) and Others
Music : G V Prakash Kumar
Director: Shankar Dayal

The story starts with Kamal Kannan (karthi) as a Kaaraikkudi guy who comes to Chennai to meet few politicians and the railway minister for applying a petition so that his home can be saved from government demolition. In this case, he gets various experiences including a dealing with the CM Bhupathi (prakash raj) only to recognize that none of them cares. He decides to get his work done by in advance power. For this, he targets the local don Raji (radhika). What is his sketch and whether he is successful or not forms the respite of the story?

The director has an interesting storyline and also the presentation was good, but the sequence of events was not that great. The dialogues okay, the script rate was middling and the screenplay was poor. Songs are okay bud the songs were not placed in correct situation and Background score was not worth. Cinematography was extraordinary. Editing also normal but was required during the second half. Costumes were pleasant while the fine art department was filled with confinement. Karthi has a credible performance and fits the statement of the movie. Praneetha looks good and come with minimum role. The part of the film is Santhanam areas; its only gives more joy on that film. Radhika was extraordinary performance. Prakash Raj was regular. Kota was natural, Roja was ordinary. Anushka fetch some relief with her guest role. The others didn’t have scope.

The movie has been expected as a strong political thriller with a good message. The first half just goes with regular comedy sequence; songs and romance were not need on this film. The second half only picks the plot form but there are few drawbacks. But the film was not filling up our expectation on box-office. The film has big opening, if you go without expectation the film will give more popcorn to you. Our team gives rate to this film was 50%.

Saguni – Mass release in Kollywood

saguni stillsKarthi sivakumar is one and only lucky man in Kollywood. The passed 5 films are blockbusters and his 6th film, Saguni will release on this Friday (June 22). This is the massive solo release because of not releasing Ajith’s Billa 2. Thala film is seeing a delay. More than 1000 prints are release on worldwide. In Tollywood have 400 prints itself for releasing, which is quit huge opening for Karthi in Telugu. Until now, in Tamil there are only about 600 prints itself in Kollywood. In Kollywood, the film Saguni has clean ‘U’ certificate, while in Tollywood it has ‘U/A’ certificate. Both versions will release in simultaneously on June 22. The film was directed by Shankar Dayal, music composed by G.V Prakash and the tracks are big hit on worldwide. The film has Karthi and Pranitha for lead roles and Santhanam for comic relief on this film Saguni.

Samantha film with Vikram

Samantha is the trend season of Tamil Industry. After finish of her Mani Ratnam’s film, she seems to be adopting with Chiyan Vikram and Shankar on her next film. The Film will be directed by Shankar. Music composes by A.R.Rahman and Cinematography by PC Sriram. Dialogues will be penned by writer Suba. The film will be produced in the Banner of Aascar V Ravichandhran. The name of the film is Therdal. The first look starts on today. In all Shankar’s film, first he want shoot a song on this film. Samantha gives some dates to shoot the song on this film. The mega buzz on this movie will be a two heroin venture. Shankar says, the main concept of this film is dig on politics and election.

Billa 2 – gets ‘A’

What’s happening in Billa 2? The film is ready for release and the movie was watched by Censor team and gives the ‘A’ certificate to that film. There is an option given by the censor team, if the film want to get U/A the film under goes for 40 cuts. The ‘A’ certificate has been given for higher glamour and over violation on this film. So the Censor process is not over yet, the certification process will be finalized on tomorrow.  In last week the film team was said, the release date is 21, Thursday 2012. But now the team is planned to release on Saturday June 23 0r Friday June 29, 2012 for giving the weak gap for Saguni and Billa 2. The release date is only finalized after through the discussion between Producer and the various Distributors. The film Billa 2 is directed by Chakri Toleti, Stars Ajith, Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah as the leading ladies role in this film and distributed by Aascar V Ravichandhran.

Saguni – New official trailer

New official trailer of Saguni was released in Kollywood. New Saguni trailer is very interesting and joyful for audience of the film Saguni. Fans are more expected on this film, Stars Karthi, Pranitha, Santhanam has lead role and Rathika, Kotta Srinivasa Rao, Prakashraj, Nassar, Kiran, Mumtaj plays a supporting role on this film. The film Saguni will be ready for release on next Friday June 22, 2012.