naan eeMovie Review: Naan Ee

Movie Rating: 72/100

Stars: Nani, Samantha, Sudeep

Music: Maragatha Mani

Director: S S Rajamouli

Banner: PVP Cinemas

Naan Ee is one of the best entertainment films in tamil industry. Stars of this film are Nani, Samantha and Sudeep. This romantic-fantasy was in the creation for very long, mainly because of the computer graphics. The movie comes with a great mix of fantasy, adventure, humor and romance. The story line is very simple, but the screen play is very beautiful. It is just a revenge story, the murdered hero reincarnates as a house fly and takes reprisal on his killer. But the film provides you a entirely different experience. The film was directed by SS Rajamouli, he has delivered his best on this movie. The film’s dialogues were written by Crazy Mohan has penned some of his brand spoke reminders. He has kept his simplicity all over the script, so the picture doesn’t have any unnecessary punches from the hero or the villain.

Nani’s roll is very less, but he does his best on this. The romantic sequences among Samantha and Nani are beautiful and appear simple and experience fine. Samantha too has done a great role on this movie. But Kiccha Sudeep has a clear winner on this flick. Style and attitude of his only required for the entire role. The sequences between the fly and Sudeep are very funny and interesting to get the core on first half. Generally hero and heroine only carry out the all type of emotions. But differently in Naan Ee, the villain had to describe the various types of emotions, and Sudeep has gripped it with brilliance. Santhanam appears guest role and makes an impression for audience.

The CG and visual effects section has provide such a wonderful job. They have prepared a fly to emote, dance and show signals and that too with particular concentration on the facts. One more boost up for the film is its music. Songs are extremely fine, and with the visuals also more smart. Background music get more score compare than songs. KK Senthil Kumar is cinematography on this film is an extra wonder. Everything was perfect and visually pulchritudinous. On the entire result, the film Naan Ee is an admiration exciting magical passage and a good family entertainer.


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