barath nandhidha

Stars: Bharath, Imman Annachi, Manobala, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Renuka, Thambi Ramaiah
Direction, Screenplay, Story: LG Ravichandar
Music: Simon
Lyrics: Gana Bala, Yugabarathi
Background score: Simon
Production: Pushpa Kandasamy, S Mohan

Aindham Thalaimurai Siddha Vaidhiya Sigamani (ATSVS) – that is truly a sizable chunk! This intense tongue twister of a title is unique for Bharath as it denote the 25th film of the on-screen character. Helmed by Ravichandran, the film expects to be a simple run fortunate drama offering with gentle seriousness on and off.

ATSVS endeavors to tell the imperativeness of training and in a few ways the part of folks in molding the eventual fate of youngsters. That said, the film does not go on an overdrive mode in a long winded session which works well for it.

Bharath is the fifth era child of a family which has been honing Siddha solution for quite a while. He drops out of school for an exceptionally feeble reason yet proceeds with the family convention of Siddha treatment of patients. To fill the hole of his ignorance, he needs to look for a life accomplice who is taught. What happens when he gets a spouse of his decision structures whatever remains of ATSVS.

Executive Ravichandran has picked the way of amusingness to portray his story however the giggles are not generally overall custom-made, off and on again bordering on unremarkableness and exceptionally fundamental composition. Gathering of people who is utilized to clever silliness may discover weakness in specific groupings in the film.


Bharath is to a great degree true, does his part with most extreme commitment, moves well not surprisingly, battles with power, sentiments the champion with all his adoration furthermore demonstrates the ‘right cheek’ to individuals who have beaten him on the left cheek. In short, he is the “ideal” legend which Tamil silver screen has sustained since time immemorial with truly no shades of light black or dark at all. Actually when his companions push him to a business sex specialist, he keeps up his ideal stature furthermore gives his other companion more cash in spite of realizing that his amigo had swindled him big time.

Nanditha is sufficient and to some degree has a part of OK extent. We all know Thambi Ramaiah knows his business excessively well however in ATSVS, he runs a little over the edge with his vocal harmonies.

The rundown of the supporting cast is long much the same as the title of the film. Kaadhal Dandapani, Renuka, Mano Bala, Singam Puli, Chaams, Karunakaran, Badava Gopi, Imman Annachi, Bose Venkat and M S Bhaskar have done their parts with no genuine grievances. For individuals who sit up seeing the name of Karunakaran on the title card, it is a dissatisfaction as the skilled performing artist does not have much to do.

While we can unwind and delight in the silliness in scenes like the unified with “Arasu” land and the tomato soup, we can’t say the same with the one including the abundantly inebriated Chaams with his wife and Thambi Ramaiah. Same goes when Chaams gets beaten by Thambi.

The film goes on a standard layout of tune, activity, silliness, sentiment and assumption in changing extent. As its aspirations are unobtrusive, one can’t check it with a progressed magnifier. In short ATSVS attains reasonably what it embarks to. In the event that you are the sort who would not consider film important, ATSVS may engage you in a few way!


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