Movie Review : Saguni
Movie Rating : 50/100
Stars : Karthi as Kamala Kannan, Pranitha as SriDevi, Santhanam as Rajini Appadurai, Anushka as Anushka (spl appearance) and Others
Music : G V Prakash Kumar
Director: Shankar Dayal

The story starts with Kamal Kannan (karthi) as a Kaaraikkudi guy who comes to Chennai to meet few politicians and the railway minister for applying a petition so that his home can be saved from government demolition. In this case, he gets various experiences including a dealing with the CM Bhupathi (prakash raj) only to recognize that none of them cares. He decides to get his work done by in advance power. For this, he targets the local don Raji (radhika). What is his sketch and whether he is successful or not forms the respite of the story?

The director has an interesting storyline and also the presentation was good, but the sequence of events was not that great. The dialogues okay, the script rate was middling and the screenplay was poor. Songs are okay bud the songs were not placed in correct situation and Background score was not worth. Cinematography was extraordinary. Editing also normal but was required during the second half. Costumes were pleasant while the fine art department was filled with confinement. Karthi has a credible performance and fits the statement of the movie. Praneetha looks good and come with minimum role. The part of the film is Santhanam areas; its only gives more joy on that film. Radhika was extraordinary performance. Prakash Raj was regular. Kota was natural, Roja was ordinary. Anushka fetch some relief with her guest role. The others didn’t have scope.

The movie has been expected as a strong political thriller with a good message. The first half just goes with regular comedy sequence; songs and romance were not need on this film. The second half only picks the plot form but there are few drawbacks. But the film was not filling up our expectation on box-office. The film has big opening, if you go without expectation the film will give more popcorn to you. Our team gives rate to this film was 50%.


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